Despite the fact that I being trained as a soldier, many of my friends never knew that deep inside me lives a shy person. I hardly attend social gathering and if I do, I maintain my quite person watching over all they do there, although I can sometimes be motivated and turned on by good music with sweet melodies especially the one that goes with the Talking Drum hmm!! talking drum? Yes, that animal skin that talks like man (awo ewure ti nf’ohun bi eniyan). With a good beat, you will see the other funny side of me dancing like kokoro. And you may not equally believe it that my wife too care less about social gathering. ‘Owambe’ party has nothing to do with mama Gbenjo. This has always been my nature until my staff in the office changed my orientation to match up with theirs. Ordinarily, celebrating my birthday means little or nothing to me. It had always starts and ends up on the pages of facebook with no fanfare attached. Ever since I am placed on the vantage position of leadership it has been a kind of annual ceremony and religion.

I watched an interview of a guy who was being recognised by his company as he had acknowledged more of his colleagues than anyone else in the business.

He was a lovely, humble man and when asked how he managed to acknowledge so many people, he had a simple response.

“I ask myself every morning, who do I need to thank today?”

Almost 300 people have been recognised and thanked for doing good work by this one person over the past 12 months.

That’s a remarkable legacy and I can only imagine the positive culture that he has helped to create, not only in his own department, but in teams throughout the business. Today too, I look back to say a big thank you to all who had made my birthday a memorable and unforgotten. I thank the almighty God, the giver of life who made me before people know me, He is worthy of all praises and thanksgiving. I thank my philosophical mother, Mama Alakara, and my father, all of blessed memory, though gone for long but the legacy laid down is very much afresh
My family, the KOMBI family made me feel like the king that I am, while my staff urshered me in like the world president and I am forced to ask the question

Who do I need to thank today?
I thank all my superiors and colleagues at work, I thank my 2ic, I thank all my Heads of Unit, I thank my entire staff in the department to say I was surprised will amount to a gross understatement “they resemble me in my face” (won jo mi loju)

I thank my friends and thousands of my Facebook friends all over the world, many I never set my eyes on and I am afraid if I will ever
I thank OCB, the only woman angel I have come across, she is such a wonderful woman full of unique love, I thank the Talking Drum family fans all over the universe.
And to you my readers, who do you need to thank today?

Someone in your family?

One of your team mates?

Your manager?
Your boss at work?
That colleague of yours?

The security guy at the front door?

The cleaner who is doing her best to maintain a safe workplace during this global pandemic?

Your wife?
Your children?

Your kid’s teacher/coach/tutor?

I encourage you to be very deliberate about this.

Find a specific person after God every day and thank them for something.

Look them in the eye when you do it.

Make sure that they know how much you appreciate them.

You don’t need a fancy corporate rewards program to do this.

Just awareness and love.

Who will you thank today?